AutoScannerOpel Pro Pin1 software module


Pin1 software module for OpelscannerPro


OpelScannerCAN (PRO) is a special function software working with the OpelScannerCAN adapter and a special dongle

The software allows:

  • To read security codes (PIN) from various control units (ECUs, data displays, dashboards, etc.)
  • To reset ECUs
  • To correct the mileage in ECUs
  • To change engine hours in ECUs
  • To read firmware of a number of ECUs

It functions with the following vehicles and systems:

  • Agila-A (1998-2007) (ECU);
  • Astra-G (1998-2006) (ECU);
  • Astra-H (2004-2010) (ECU and data display);
  • Corsa (Vita)-C (2001-2010) (ECU and dashboard);
  • Corsa (Vita)-D (2007-2010) (ECU);
  • Meriva-A (2003-2009) (ECU and dashboard);
  • Omega-B (1994-2003) (ECU);
  • Vectra-B (1996-2001) (ECU);
  • Vectra-C/Signum (2002-2010) (ECU and data display);
  • Zafira-A (1999-2005) (ECU);
  • Zafira-B (2005-2010) (ECU and data display);

It functions with the following ECU types:

  • Motronic M155;
  • Motronic ME155;
  • Motornic ME761;
  • Motronic ME76x;
  • Motronic ME96 (Z28NEx);
  • Motronic ME311 (Y26SE, Y32SE);
  • Simtec 71 (Z18XE(L));
  • Multec H ISO (Y16XE, Z14XE, Z16XE, Z16SE);
  • Multec H CAN (Z16XE) Multec SF (X14XE, X16XEL);
  • HDRC Multijet 6J0 EDC16 (Z17DTH, Z19DT(H));
  • MT35E (Z16XEP, Z16XE1) PSG16 ISO/CAN.


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