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Author Topic: Which OBD device is working with the app and an Opel Astra G 1.4 16v 1998?  (Read 4679 times)

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First hello All.

Second thank you to have accepted my registration request on this blog. This is my very first blog entry, so apology if I do some mistakes in my English or if I post things together or not in the proper/correct space (just let me know and I will correct my self).

I have a general request.
I would like to use the android app with my Opel Astra G 1.4 16v 08/1998.

A have some questions:
1- can you suggest me please an obd2 device that works with the android app in combination with my Astra?
    I have an original BT Carly gen2 but during the connection process it get errors (it works fine with other cars not Opel but the one I want to diagnose is the only Opel I have and the workshop
   connect with their billion euro devise without problem, so the issue I think is on the obd device not compatible with my Opel)

2- I have the airbag light on on the dash. this happened when the seats were moved. I checked the cables seats and looks connected.
    will the app help to understand better what to look for to diagnose the aribag light? can be reset the light with the app?

3- the AC does not works. but I see the light in the cabin turn on, and the power of the car go down when it turns on (but no cold air).
    will the app help to understand better what to look for to diagnose the AC? if for example is the compressor or other element?

I will be really grateful if you can give me some advices and maybe point me to the right direction :)

Thank you.

Offline fustok

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ok, so I think I can already answer to some of my questions.
1 - Android app with ELM 327 OBD adapter 1.4 or 1.4b based.
     Going around the WWW I found a guy on youtube saying this should works without any hardware update:

2- I cannot diagnose the Airbag issues because of the ELM limitation.
    but can at least reset the airbag light on the dash?
    or should I go with the laptop/and other windows app?

3- can I use the app with the proper elm adapter to diagnose the AC?

thank you very much.