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Zafira A How to test Cooling module


Hey Guys

Is there any way to test the cooling module on a Zafira A ? I have a 2002 Z18XE VIN:W0L0TGF7522149139 where the cooling fans starts almost immediately after turning on the ignition. The dash gives off a light for high temperature and that is also what the ECU says. ( Sorry, forgot to note the code) Even if stone cold, the fans goes off. Both fans that is.
I changed the temp sensor because it was rather cheap and I checked that it has a 5 V supply. It seems to be grounded through the ECU.

Any suggestions ?

Well, answered my own question.

It seems Opel-Scanner is actually able to "talk" to the Cooling Module. Nice ! For some reason, that option had eluded me while working.

Yeah, I know. I´m a tool. :(


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