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Idle speed Y26SE

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Hey there.

Does anyone here know, if you can adjust idle speed on these or are they "hardcoded" ? I can see the idle speed just fine in the CANv2 software, but I can´t see anywhere to adjust. I´ld think it has to be done in the ECU, since there is no ICV on these drive-by-wire engines.

As is, it is idling at around 725 when warm, but I know they can go as low as 450 due to a heavy weight flywheel. Since I drive a lot in the city, I stop by a lot of red lights and thought it could be an easy way to save a bit of fuel.

I must say, I like the software, but "intuitive" isn´t a word that springs to mind when using it :)

Let me check first.

I think you can't program idle speed in this ecu.
There is no such option.


--- Quote from: Artur on May 06, 2015, 11:28:04 ---Let me check first.

--- End quote ---

Hello Artur

Did you have a chance to look at this ?

not yet, I'm on vacation now.


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