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Author Topic: Case study Astra G 2001 y17dt  (Read 6589 times)

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Case study Astra G 2001 y17dt
« on: October 10, 2007, 07:57:49 »
Engine scan:
I have scanned this car and printed the parameters .(the pdf. version of the print is attached)

Now lets see what to look for in a scan
I am new to this field but this is what got my eye besides the fault codes:

1.   the car is made in 2001(the owner said it was from 2001) and the
Programming Date (YYYYMMDD) : 20020402

So what this means ? the care was programmed again in 2002 ?
By programmed I should understand that :
it had problems
the odometer was changer ?
for artur : if someone changes the odometer value this influences the programming date ?

2.   the vin number in the report seams to not be a valid one


Tried to decode it o many sites but all tell me the same : invalid vin
Sites like :


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Re: Case study Astra G 2001 y17dt
« Reply #1 on: October 10, 2007, 08:29:05 »
1. In 2002 the software of the ECU has been updated. It does not mean, that ECU had problems. Simply new enhanced software as been released for that ECU.

The odometer value can not be checked on that car, and it will not influence the ECU programming date.

2. That is VIN from the ECU. Sometimes it maybe incorrect. Check the vehicle's VIN.