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The AutoScannerOpelCAN offers diagnostic functionality for Opel starting MY1987 till MY2008 and more.

The following models are supported:

Antara (2007-), Agila (1998-2006 гг.), Ascona (1987-1989 гг.), Astra-F (1992-2002 гг.), Astra-G (1998-2006 гг.), Astra-H (2004-), Calibra (1990-1997 гг.), Corsa-A/Combo (1987-1993 гг.), Corsa-B/Vito (1993-2000 гг.), Corsa-C (2001-2006 гг.), Corsa-D (2007-), Frontera-A (1992-1998 гг.), Frontera-B (1999-2005 гг.), Kadett-E (1987-1991 гг.), Meriva (2003-2006), Omega-A (1987-1994 гг.), Omega-B (1994-2003 гг.), Senator-B (1987-1993 гг.), Sintra (1997-2000 гг.), Speedster/VX220 (2001-2006), Tigra A (1995-2000 гг.), Tigra B (2005-), Vectra-A (1989-1995 гг.), Vectra-B (1996-2001 гг.), Vectra-C/Signum (2002-), Zafira A (1999-2005 гг.), Zafira B (2006-) [except C16NZ and some Isuzu ECU].

Supported modules are:

Engine Control Unit;
Automatic Transmission Control;
ABS - Anti-Lock Brake System
ESP - Electronic Stability Program
Distributor Transmission 4WD;
Traction Control;
Body Control System
ATWS - Anti-Theft Warning System
Central Door Locking System
Multi/Color/Triple Info Displays
Power Steering;
Audio System;
Electronic Climate Control;
Sliding Roof;
Electronic Seat Memory;
Add-On Heater;
Headlamp Leveling Device, etc.

The scanner supports following features:

Reading Identification info from ECU. Depending on the ECU, the ID can contain VIN, hardware number, software number, manufacturing date, etc.

Reading/Erasing Trouble Codes. Provides information about trouble codes, their description, status and conditions, when the code registered in ECUТs memory.

Live data display. In this mode the live data value is displayed in two ways Ц digital and graphical. For many parameters the information on УidealФ values for the given parameter is provided.

Advanced Graphic Mode for Live Data Display. This mode allows watching simultaneously up to 4 live data parameter charts with recoding feature.

Actuator Control. This mode allows to conduct control of actuators Ц valve, injectors, coils, fans, telltales, etc.

Reading firmware on selected ECU.

Odometer correction on some models - Vectra B all, Astra G VDO all, Zafira A VDO all.

Key registering/erasing on Immo1 and Immo2 (valid login required)

Some coding functions, Airbag deployment record reset on
Astra H / Vectra C / Corsa D, SAS adjustment, etc.

Demoversion of the AutoScannerOpelCAN can be downloaded from here (zip, 1 Mb).


Technical specifucations of the interface :

supports both ISO and CAN protocols
uses full-speed USB connection
supports all three types of CAN-buses (High Speed, MidSpeed, LowSpeed)
automatic pin selection for all CAN and old ISO protocols
completely galvanically isolated PC USB part circuit from output stages circuit (PC port protection)
protected from high currents (contains selfrestoring fuse)
the output stage drivers used in the interface have thermal and high current protection
firmware update possibility via USB port (can be helpful at buf fix, adding new features and capabilities, etc.)
finished in the OBD-16 socket (for older model additional 10 pin adapter is required)

Software interface is available in the following languages:


System requirements:
Windows 2000/XP/Vista, USB-порт.


Created by Samvel Barseghyan. Copyright © Opelscanner.com. All rights reserved.

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