Additional features

Addtional features

  • Reading firmware on selected ECU

  • Odometer correction on some models - Vectra B all, Astra G VDO all, Zafira A VDO all.

  • Key registering/erasing on Immo1 and Immo2 (valid login required)

  • Some coding functions, Airbag deployment record reset on Astra H / Vectra C / Corsa D, SAS adjustment, etc.

  • Reading security code directly from the following Engine Control modules (Pro version only):

        * ME155
        * ME761
        * Simtec 71
        * Multec H
        * Multec SF
        * HDRC
        * Multijet 6JO
  • Resetting Engine control module directly (Pro version only)
  • Reading radio security code from Delco CDR500.
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