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Is there any chance for releasing unencrypted resource (.rc) file with purpose of making translations by other people (users/volunteers)? Having an UI in native language could possibly motivate many users to buy the original version instead of clone (only supporting the old versions), just because the could easily understand all the messages and descriptions.
I do not have your interface, but I've seen your program and I believe I could try to prepare a Polish User Interface for it. Actually in Poland the clones are widely available at relatively low prices (less than 100€). I understand that - the cost of "fabricating" the clone is about 10-15€ (I actually have the interface schematic for it, it's not hard to find it and I believe it has been done by some Russian speaking guys, of course the .bin for uC is not so easily accessible), most buyers are the car owners not the car mechanics, and they won't be interested in paying more than equivalent of 3-4 "computer diagnostics" in Authorized Service (which is about 20-25€ per visit), on the other hand there are "garage mechanics" which often don't understand foreign languages. They often have even more expensive interfaces (often stand-alone, so surely legal/original), but the primary thing for them while buying a car diagnostic scanner is the fact of having a Polish interface.

The translation of the interface on Polish gas already begun. Actually, we translate the CAN version.
I'm curious - what you gonna do with translated RC file?

I was just offering a voluntary help. The .RC file contains all the UI resources, so it can be used for translators, no other use of this file is possible, that's why I suggested that solution - it has no use for clone owners, only You can compile it into a project an offer as an upgrade for registered users.

Sometimes I like to translate some program just for practice and my personal satisfaction.

I've seen "undergroud" Polish version of AS (yes, it exists, despite of somehow encrypted exe file), but the translation was only partial and of tragic quality. I hope the official translation will be at a far better level of quality.

It have been almost a year now and I still can't see polish version and what's more official Polish distributor seems to no longer be the distributor (the AutoScanner OPEL original is always "Out of stock")...

Currently the Polish translation is suspended, since right now noone is interested to distribute the product in Poland.


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